Episode 17 - Conversation with Jennifer Kiyonaga - "You Are Not Alone" - Part II

Gaby Abdelgadir

Jun 26 2017

Jennifer Kiyonaga is the Award-winning author of the book “Your Are Loved! How God Longs To Empower You!”. It is a book about how we are seamlessly connected to the Universe or Spirit which is readily available to us.

Jennifer is also a co-Author of the #1 International Best Seller book “Empowering Women To Succeed - Volume III - Bounce”.

Jennifer was a Registered Nurse and worked in hospital as a bedside nurse. In the Community, she was employed as a visiting RN, Supervisor and Manager of Community Care.

The Ancient Scriptures is her passion. Because of her many life challenges, she is often called upon to be of support to others who are feeling overwhelmed in their own lives. She knows that her Christian faith was a great support to many of her patients as a nurse. She feels this is her purpose and this spiritual purpose is going to expand in ways that will be revealed to her.


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Gaby Abdelgadir is an Author, Entrepreneur, Life Coach and a Motivational Speaker. Obtaining her Business Administration Diploma in London, England, Gaby has extensive experience working with many Corporate Companies as a Legal Assistant and Executive Assistant in three different countries. In 2014, Gaby released her first book “Grace Peace Balance – Surviving and Thriving Against All Odds”, foreword by Bob Proctor, featured teacher in the hit Movie “The Secret” and Best Selling Author of “You were Born Rich”. Gaby is a member of Toastmasters and is an awarded Competent Communicator and Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB). In addition, Gaby is a Licensed Life Insurance Representative. Raised by a single mother and now a single parent herself, Gaby has learned the secrets to overcoming the daily life challenges and she is now passionate and determined to help struggling women, men and single parents live a meaningful and happy life.

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